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Jorg Jung, a remarkable German computer scientist and artist, invites you to delve into the captivating realm of datagrafy, a unique form of data and digital art. In this extraordinary journey, Jorg combines arbitrary data, encompassing images, videos, audio, text, and numbers, with raw data as his “drawing material,” resulting in the creation of exceptional artifacts known as Datagrafies.

Datagrafies come to life through self-developed software, revealing a fusion of artistic genius and cutting-edge technology. These art pieces may manifest as graphics, videos, or audio masterpieces, each consisting of Daxels (Data-xels), where x and y usually exceed 1, making them distinct from conventional pixels.

Jorg’s Datagrafies are often sizeable, ranging from 1m x 1m to a stunning 5m x 5m, imbuing them with intricate details when viewed up close and revealing superordinate structures from a distance. However, these nuances are not fully discernible in the digital realm.

One of the core facets of datagrafy is the creation of an iconography of data, establishing a visual language that speaks to the heart of information. This synthesis of computer science and art has yielded a breathtaking collection of contemporary data art, offering a fresh perspective on the visualization of information.

Born in Rheinland, Germany, and currently residing in Westerwald, RLP, Germany, Jorg Jung embarked on this creative journey with unwavering determination. His works have been featured at Expo Metro in New York and Berlin, showcasing his exceptional talent and innovative approach to art.

To explore more of Jorg’s fascinating work, visit his portfolio at www.datagrafy.com or connect with him on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/doppeltesjott.

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