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  • ฿0.42000

    2007 Panerai Luminor Marina PAM104 #359 of 4000.

    Single owner, used sparingly on special occasions.
    Bought from Timeworks Ben Bridge Ala Moana.
    Large 44mm face with the signature crown guard, only the leather band has ever been used.

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  • ฿0.38567

    This Bourbon era bangle bracelet is in excellent condition, with very little wear showing, despite the piece being well over 150 years old.

    The bracelet is crafted of rose gold, textured with a woman portrait in the centre.

    Please read description for more informations about this exceptional item.

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  • ฿0.36750
    Object:Serving trolley, Wood engraving
    Material:Lacquered wood, Wood
    Period:Late 19th century
    Region/ Country of origin:Japan
    Theme/ depiction:Ape/monkey, Flowers
    Decor/ ware:Three wise monkeys
    Title of artwork:Three wise monkeys Hand carved wooden serving tray
    Condition:Good condition, see description
    Dimensions:18 ×1.5×18 in
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  • ฿0.36750

    This splendid landscape does not in fact represent any known view. Like so many of Grossgasteiger ‘s landscapes, it is a recreation, from the artist’s imagination, of the spirit of the Italian landscape, rather than an image of a particular, specific place.

    About the author : Jean Grossgasteiger was active/lived in Italy, Europe and he is a well known artisto of the 19th century.

    Materials: black chalk and pencil, washed, heightened with white, on brownish vellum
    Measurements: 11.61 in. (29.50 cm.) (height) by 17.32 in. (44.00 cm.) (width)
    Markings: signed and dated, l.r.
    Condition: lightly stained

    Please read description for more informations about this exceptional artwork.

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  • ฿0.26250
    Putto in massive bronze. Each part has an excellent definition

    French or Italian origin

    Putti, cupids, and angels can be found in both religious and secular art from the 1420s in Italy, the turn of the 16th century in the Netherlands and Germany, the Mannerist period and late Renaissance in France, and throughout Baroque ceiling frescoes.

    So many artists have depicted them that a list would be pointless, but among the best-known are the sculptor Donatello and the painter Raphael.

    They also experienced a major revival in the 19th century, where they gamboled through paintings by French academic painters, from Gustave Doré’s illustrations for Orlando Furioso to advertisements.

    Dimensions : ca. 39 x 34 cm
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  • ฿0.15750

    This Shimpaku Juniper is noteworthy for its unusually curved trunk.

    Shari runs through the entire trunk.
    Slanting trunk feels very natural.
    The apex of the tree is covered with wiry shari that gives this tree a highly unique appearance.

    Height of tree – 8 inches from soil line / 10.5 inches overall
    Width of trunk – 3/4 inches

    Age – 45 years old

    Item is located in Texas, USA.
    Price is negoatiable

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  • ฿0.15750

     Trident Maples rank as perennial favorites!

    Beautiful during every season; they produce vibrant green foliage in the spring and turn a bright orange in the fall.
    Their quick growth and attractive leaves make them among the most popular deciduous bonsai.

    Height of tree – 9 inches / 11.5 inches overall
    Width of trunk – 4 inches

    Age – 50 years old

    Item is located in Texas, USA.
    Price is negoatiable

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  • ฿0.10479

    Karl Heinke diving helmet – King Size

    Size: 42 x 36 x 42 cm
    Anchor Engineering.
    Karl Heinke. Munich ,Germany.
    Serial No. 4525

    Please inquire for shipping quote.

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  • ฿0.05103


    Pair of decorative plates representing female figures in high-relief.

    Reconstituted stone in an aging finish.
    Replicas of the water carriers after the famous fountain of Innocents in Paris.
    43cm high x 11cm wide (17 “x 4”) approximately
    Strong wire hook

    These pretty hanging plates are suitable for home or garden.

    Please inquire for shipping quote.

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