2017 Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf

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Year : 2017
Class : sedan
Mileage : 27
Horse power : 540
Engine size : 6.0 liter V12
Color : black
Fuel : gasoline
Gear box : automatic
Doors : 4
Seats : 4
Cylinders : 12
Specs : euro

Please read description for more informations on this exceptional car :

The offered vehicle is a super saloon with the DNA and performance of a sports car. The rare (only 200 units ever built) Lagonda Taraf is hand built by Aston Martin. This machine is a motoring work of art in its own, the Lagonda name clearly brings a new dimension of glamour, grandeur and exclusivity.

The Lagonda is designed by Aston Martin’s Q division which specializes in commissioning bespoke cars.
• It is finished in shimmering Onyx Black (fast track), the color is unique to the Lagonda Taraf and merely adds to the aura and rarity of the car.

• The cabin is bathed in a sea of hand-stitched exclusive Sandstorm Gold color leather along with Titanium Silver meshes, while the fascia and door trim are finished in Piano Black. It’s a lavish combination that you constantly feel the need to touch and the whole cabin has a rich, warm opulence and individuality that befits the Lagonda name.

• The rear seats not only giving the leg room of a limousine but are fitted with iPads to ensure the wheels of industry don’t stop turning as you travel.

• A fridge tucked into the middle of the rear seats provides the chance for passengers to enjoy their favourite drink.

• A 1,000-watt Bang & Olufsen Beo Sound system will please the ears, and much of the general finery you’d expect is there.

• The body panels are made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP), which then receives a seven-layer paint job besides polishing and elbow grease.

• The Lagonda Taraf is powered by a 48-valve, 6-litre V12 producing 540HP and 465 lb-ft of torque (Touchtronic 3 gearbox). It has a maximum speed of 195 miles per hour (314 km/h). It is quite literally two cars in one.

• 20 Inch 10 Spoke Gloss Black Dt wheels which adds a more luxurious look to the vehicle.

Air conditioning – Alarm – Aalog clock – AUX audio in – Cd player – Climate control – Coled front seats – Cooled rear seats – Cruise control – Heated seats – Leather seats – Navigation system – Parking sensor front – Parking sensor rear – Power locks – Power seats – Power seats with memory – Power windows – Premium sound system – Rear camera – Tuner/radio – USB – Air suspensor front & rear – Premium paint – Abs – Adaptive lighting – Airbags (front and side) – LED headlights – Rear wheel drive

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