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Signature:  Mumei
Year Made:  Late Kamakura/Early Nambokucho

Forging Pattern:  Itame with Shirake Utsuri
Tempering Pattern:  Midare
Dimensions:   Nagasa:   30″, Nakago: 8″, Mihaba: 1 3/16″, Sakihaba: 13/16″, Kasane: 1/4:, Sori: 7/8″ 
Mountings:  The saya is solid and has a nice flat back kanshitsu lacquer finish.  The tsuka is relatively new with nice same and tight ito.  Fuchikashira are iron but do not match.  The kashira is plain with parallel lines.  The menuki are gold plated horses.  The tsuba is strong old iron and the habaki is a single piece copper in very good condition.
Overall Condition:  The blade has a large forging/grain opening which may blister out on one side and very minor grain opening and blister on the other side.
These two kizu are just forward of the habaki.
There are a couple of other forging openings on one side in the shinogi ji.  These kizu may disappear in polishing and this sword deserves a good polish.
There are a few very small chips in the edge that will easily disappear with a good polish as they are about a 1/64″ deep.

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