Luke Calder - Globemaker

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World Globe

Located in Dunedin, New Zealand

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Description & Details

Handcrafted spun aluminum globe measuring 18 inches in diameter.
These beautiful, unique globes are individually crafted with a matt painted finish and gilded copper landforms.

They are engineered to spin beautifully on hidden sealed bearings.

Perfect for both modern and classic decors.

Gilded gold and silver landforms are also available

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Luke Calder - Globemaker Luke Calder - Globemaker

“I wanted to create a globe that celebrated the form and shape of Earth, without words, borders or definition of countries, leaving only the form of the land and water. I wanted to trigger an appreciation of the world as a whole. Earth is a special and unique place and it is clear that humans are having a significant influence on its health. My hope is that my work will motivate people to consider these issues.” Luke Calder

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