Welcome to Stefania Nistoreanu : A Trailblazer in Crypto Art from Romania

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Stefania Nistoreanu, a visionary artist who has been painting since 13, now graces Delouvois.com with her unique artistry.

A graduate of the National University of Art in Bucharest with a focus on Monumental Byzantine Art, Stefania’s work has captivated audiences in England, France, Luxembourg, Austria, and Hungary. In 2017, she made headlines as the first Romanian artist to sell a painting for Bitcoin, marking her as a pioneer in the intersection of art and cryptocurrency.

Her painting “Cryptsy” was purchased by a collector in Hong Kong for 2 Bitcoin, a transaction that garnered international attention. Now residing in Oviedo, Spain, with her fiancé and their beloved pets, Stefania continues to push the boundaries of art and digital currency on our crypto-friendly platform.

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