Tackling the recent fake news headlines

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In April 2918, De Louvois alongside two competitors have been unfairly portrayed as “online shops catering to cyber-delinquents” through a targeted campaign of fake news that gained worldwide exposure in mainstream news outlets such as ComputerWeekly or the Nasdaq Newswire.

Digital currency has long gone mainstream and is legal to use as long as you fulfil your local tax duties.
Unfortunately, is still a common misconception that digital currencies are mostly used for unlawful purposes.

The abusive narrative pushed by mainstream news outlets systematically linking cyber-delinquency with digital-currency has also long been accepted by industry actors as part and parcel of working with a groundbreaking, pioneer technology such as Bitcoin.

Although this does make for flashy headlines, it is factually incorrect.

According to a 2019 Bloomberg Article quoting Lilita Infante, a Special Agent for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, digital-currency use is dominated at 90% by investors and traders, not drug dealers, while only 1% is dedicated to other unlawful uses such as money laundering, according to a 2018 study published by the Centre of Sanctions & Illicit Finance.

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