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    A / bow of ship to g .; on the upper deck, Nike draped, holding a stylus and a trumpet, and walking to the left.
    R / Poseidon naked walking left, carrying the chlamys rolled up to his left arm, and waving the trident with his hand dr.
    – Sear 6762 var
    – Sale Pozzi 955 var
    – Weight 17.02 g
    Greek coins Kingdom of Macedonia Demetrios Poliorcetes (294-288 BC)

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    A / bige to right, overflown by a victory crowning the horses R / head of Aréthuse surrounded by dolphins
    SNG ANS 144 to 178
    Weight 17.02 g
    Comes collection Jean-Claude Bourgeois
    Greek coins Sicily Syracuse

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    A / bige of mules at a pace, led by a charioteer to dr .; underneath, a bay leaf R / hare running to dr. –
    SNG ANS 314 to 320
    Weight 16,87 g
    comes from Jean-Claude Bourgeois collection
    Greek coins Sicily Messina

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    A / Heracles head with lion skin to dr. R / portrait of veiled woman to g. –
    SNG Von Aulock 2752 (didrachm)
    Weight 15.21 g
    Greek coins Carie Cos Islands

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    A / Arethuse head of face R / warrior helmet –
    Weight 10.70 g
    SNG von Aulock 5936 to 5939
    Obverse off center
    Greek coins Cilicia Tarsus

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    A / galloping horse to g. R / magistrate's name around a vineyard –
    Schönert-Geiss 159
    Weight 11.97 g
    Comes from Jean-Claude Bourgeois collection
    Slightly broken flank
    Greek coins Thrace Maronée

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    A / Aphrodite sitting left, holding a peg and crowned by Eros R / Dionysos Pogon standing to the left, holding a vine and a thyrsus –
    V.Aulock 5754
    Weight 10.76 g
    Greek coins Cilicia Nagidos

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    A / head of Zeus-Ammon to g. R / Cyrene head to dr. – Sear 6295 var. – Sell Pozzi 3278 var.
    Greek Coins Cyrenaica Cyrene, Satrapia of Ptolemy (323-305 BCE)

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    A / Cymé head on the right R / horse bridle
    BMC 73
    Weight 16.85 g
    Greek coins Eolide Cymé

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