A $33,000,000 Appartement – 220 Central Park South

Published on 09 May 2022 by @0000

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Brendan Fallis 



This was a special one! For the second video in this series to be in a building that no one has yet been allowed to film in…..well welcome to this series! I had only heard about this building but WOW! 100% the most luxurious building I’ve seen in NY and I think I’ve ever seen.

The unit we saw is $33 million dollars!! You read that right! And the 4 floors below that were purchased together for a whopping $238 million!!! INSANITY! The view alone is worth millions.

Stunning to say the least.

I wish we could have filmed the amenities, because they were so wild. Largest indoor pool in NY, a private bar and Jean George Restaurant only for residents. The gym is 20k+ square feet and the spa…..well you can imagine.

They also have underground parking, but you have to buy a spot and they’re limited.

Last one went for 3mil…..just saying. So wild! What a delight to see this place and beyond motivating

If you are serious about this place, and you can afford it, you should go see it.
I would be this will only ever go up in value. 220 Central Park South is here to stay! For all inquiries, please send the listing agent Jessica a message @ instagram.com/jessicacoreycampbell

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Kenji (@zaibatsu)
1 year ago

What a gloomy looking picture…. NYC looks nice during winter, and this is all you could come up with ?