Stefania Nistoreanu

The Virtual Miners – 2014

Located in Oviedo, Spain

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Cryptocurrency artwork .
Oil and golden leaves on canvas,  by romanian Bitcoin-Friendly artist Stefania Nistoreanu.
60 x 80 cm.

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Stefania Stefania Nistoreanu

Stefania has been painting since the age of 13. She graduated from the National University of Art in Bucharest, focusing on Monumental Byzantine Art. Her work has been exhibited in England, France, Luxembourg, Austria, and Hungary. In 2017, Stefania Nistoreanu became the first artist in Romania – and one of the very few in the world – to sell a painting using Bitcoin. An art collector based in Hong Kong bought Nistoreanu’s painting “Cryptsy” for 2 Bitcoin. The transaction was an international event in both the art world and the cryptocurrency market, and gained media coverage around the world. Stefania resides in Oviedo, Spain, with her fiancé and their dog and cats.

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