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Description & Details

The Datagrafy “lautgraph: Gift” (roughly: lautgraph: Poison) is based on a contemporary piece of music.

It is quite pure by showing a rather “simple” mode of datagrafy: Transforming audio to a visual representation, with a bit of algorithmic deriving colours.

Please read description for more information about this exceptional piece of data art.
Limited edition: 50 exemplars

File format: PNG, lossless, open, no DRM

Size of Original: 19995px * 19995px, translating to 1.69m * 1.69m at 300dpi * 300dpi

Size: 4998px * 4998px, translating to 0.42m * 0.42m at 300dpi * 300dpi

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Jörg Jüng Jörg Jüng

Jörg Jung is a Cryptocurrency-Friendly german computer-scientist -erred-artist inventor of Datengraphie ( Datagrafy ) a new form of data art.

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