Pre-16th Century original lenght Katana

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Late Koto ( pre 1599 ) Ubu ( original lenght ) katana.

Lot of ancient blades have gone trough what is called “Suriage” ( sword shortening)  especially during the Edo period when a limit was imposed on swords (+/-90 cm).
A lot of samurai could not afford to purchase another blade so they would simply opt to shorten the one they had.
Hence, having an original lenght sword from this period is not usual.

Signature:  Not  legible
Year Made:  Late Koto

Forging Pattern:  Itame mixed with masame
Tempering Pattern:  Ko midare with gonome
Dimensions:   Nagasa:   27 9/16″, Nakago:  7 7/8″, Mihaba:  1 1/8″, Sakihaba:  11/16″, Kasane:  7/32″, Sori:  9/16″ 
Mountings:  In shirasaya that looks old but I believe it has been stained which is of little consequence .
The shirasaya is solid.  The habaki is one piece made to look like a two piece gold and silver combination.
It is starting to split along the ha and is a little banged up but is still fairly tight and servicable.
Overall Condition:  The blade is solid and the polish is good enough to see the forging and temper. Three is a remnant of a signature that someone attempted to remove.

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