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For centuries, the tree has held a very particular meaning in many cultures. It stands for stability, power and strength – but also for elegance and sensuality.

In Japan, the tree is venerated and ennobled in a special way – the art of Bonsai.

L’Arbre Switzerland surpasses even this art with the L’Arbre d’Or, preserving each bonsai with the ultimate in class – in 24 carat gold.

The l’Arbre d’Or commands attention and works wonderfully as a special ornamental piece.

It is the perfect touch to complement your interior furnishings and art pieces. Each tree is unique, made in Switzerland to the highest standards.

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L'Arbre - L'Arbre, Switzerland

L’Arbre Switzerland AG is based at the foot of the Alps, in a picturesque region where people take pride in living according to traditional virtues, such as a sense of duty, solidarity, and accuracy. It is in these hills, steeped in Swiss traditions and know-how, that L’Arbre Switzerland develops and manufactures its precious and unique pieces for true connoisseurs.

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