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Jörg Jüng Jörg Jüng

Jörg Jung is a Cryptocurrency-Friendly german computer-scientist -erred-artist inventor of Datengraphie ( Datagrafy ) a new form of data art.

Member since 2019-10-22 18:13:30

The Datagrafy “diffus: graphlaut(Diffus): Diffus” is part of the series “datagrafy: diffus” (cf.: http://datagrafy.com/#diff ), which is all about Franz Kafka – one of the most relevant authors in general (imho).

This work is a twofold deduction of a stylized portrait of Kafka.

Please read description for more information about this exceptional piece of data art.
This artwork has been resized, to view the full scale picture Click Here ( large file ) .

In the first step an audio was created, which is part of the series “datagrafy: graphlaut” (cf.: http://datagrafy.com/#gl).

This audio was input to the creation process of a graphic Datagrafy, which is this one, because of this fact this work could technically also be part of “datagrafy: lautgraph” (cf.: http://datagrafy.com/#lg).

You can hear the underlying audio datagrafy here: http://datagrafy.com/#gl*diffus .
Limited edition: 50 exemplars

File format: PNG, lossless, open, no DRM

Size of Original: 20984px * 20984px, translating to 1.78m * 1.78m at 300dpi * 300dpi

Size: 10492px * 10492px, translating to 0.89m * 0.89m at 300dpi * 300dpi.

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 Our February Selection.

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