18th Century unsigned Hineno Zunari style Kabuto Japanese Samurai Helmet

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Description & Details

Circa: Mid to late1700s

This is a small iron black lacquered Hineno Zunari style Kabuto.

It has a 5 section iron SHIKORO that is original to this helmet and is cut into an interesting scallop shape.

There is a “boar’s eye” shaped piercing in the top of the Hachi making this an unusual if not unique helmet.

The lacing is a dark blue with a white and dark purple trim. The lacing is original and is in very good condition.

The liner is intact and appears to be original.

The cords that attach the chinstrap to the Hachi, are a modern restoration. The chinstrap itself is antique.

The over all condition is very good with only a few scratches and chips to the lacquer, with minor damage to the right Fukigaeshi.
The Fukigaeshi are covered in printed leather.

This helmet is unsigned.

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