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  • ฿3.04038

    Beautiful diamond ring set with a cultured pearl in natural Burmese gold color.
    A unique piece from the Osprey Paris Free Quarter collection, the Birman pearl, of superior quality, is surrounded by 8.55 carats of diamonds, all mounted in 750/000 (18 carats) white gold.
    21.1 Grams

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  • ฿1.04979

    Splendid new ring in sapphire and diamond, the center sapphire of a deep blue weighs 2.76 carats and is highlighted by 48 brilliant diamonds with a total weight of 0.62 carats.
    750/000 (18-carat) white gold this new ring from the Osprey
    Paris collection weighs
    5.7 grams.

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  • ฿0.08621

    Open Chanel wedding ring in yellow gold and engraved on the slices.
    5.8 Grams.

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