Supported Currencies

Supported Currencies

Why do Bitcoin prices go up and down ?


When a someone sells an item on DeLouvois, they put a Dollar (USD $) price on it, just like on eBay.

When a customer buys something on DeLouvois, they use Bitcoin (BTC ฿) or other digital currencies to complete their purchase.

Because the exchange rate between USD and BTC changes over time, displayed BTC prices will change over time even as USD prices remains constant.


You can switch between USD, BTC and other supported currencies anytime you want.

Please note that Bitcoin and digital currencies rates are updated hourly from CoinMarketCap and displayed for indicative purposes only, the final invoice amount will be calculated during checkout.

Supported currencies


The Gold standard for digital currencies since 2009.
Considered true internet gold, it is commonly appreciated as a store of value, rather than an everyday currency.