Located in Vicoforte, Parino Antiquario is one of the largest and most reputable antique shops in Italy with over 40 years of international experience in the art and antiques trade.

It specializes in 18th to late 20th century European furniture and works of art, especially paintings and lacquered furnitures.

Guarantee of excellence, Parino Antiquario is a member of FIMA and CINOA ( Italian Art Dealers Federation ) .

Parino Mercato Antiquario.



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  • ฿1.29675

    Rare Chinese living room furniture finished for the center of the second half of the 19th century.
    Imposing and elegant, finished with lacquer relief panels and paintings with views of figures and still life.
    Furniture built in two separable bodies.
    There are six golden feral sculptures above the base. In good condition, to be made a little restoration.

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  • ฿0.94448

    Antique Italian painting of the mid-eighteenth century.
    Work of Turin school oil on canvas in the first canvas, depicting great landscape with architecture and hunting scene with nobles, of great taste and good painter's hand.
    Painting with coeval carved and painted wooden frame.
    Framework for lovers, antique dealers and collectors complete with original frame.
    Important work, of exceptional measure, ideal to be inserted into a large living room or studio.
    Painting with three small holes, several small paint drops and signs on the frame, in first patina.
    Overall in fair condition given the time, to be restored.

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  • ฿0.82950

    Fountain built in 3 blocks separable for easy transport and positioning in the garden or even within the house.
    Composed of a base tub and ornament with decorations of fish with holes for water exit.
    Sculpture of excellent quality with floral decorations on the base and sides of the tank. Object of amazing decoration, for amateurs and antique dealers. It presents a broken side decorum to be restored. In fair condition and beautiful patina, it brings different signs and chipping.

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  • ฿0.68250

    Large French wooden sculpture of the seventeenth century.
    Oversize and pleasantness work depicting “Good Shepherd”, carved from a single block! Sculpture of exceptional measures, for amateurs and collectors.
    French work repainted during the twentieth century, to clean.
    In good order, without breakages or missing, with some signs of the time.
    Will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and warranty with photographic documentation.

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  • ฿0.60900

    Great Indian wooden sculpture of the 19th century.
    Work in painted wood depicting “Elephant”
    Eastern object in beautiful patina, with original painting, to be restored.
    Sculpture amazing decor, ideal for a large entrance, lounge or lobby of a hotel.
    In good structural condition, with different signs of aging.
    Unique sculpture of a rare beauty.

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  • ฿0.45413

    Ancient big Spanish painting of the late eighteenth century.
    Work of exceptional measures depicting “Portrait of a Gentleman.”
    Oil on canvas of high pictorial quality.
    Subject full of personality and character, perfect in a study or a library.
    Painting backed again in the mid-twentieth century, has undergone some minor restoration work over time.
    It is in excellent conditions.

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  • ฿0.44940

    French chest of drawers of the early 20th century.
    Furniture of exceptional quality, richly decorated with golden and chiseled bronze.
    Dresser in rosewood and walnut in Louis XV style with original marble top.
    Top that has undergone a restoration work, now in perfect condition.
    Commode with three exterior drawers of excellent capacity and service, adorned with finely chiselled handles with faces of characters (see photo).
    Missing keys, otherwise in good conservative state.

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  • ฿0.43890

    Great Italian chest of drawers of the early 20th century.
    Furniture of fabulous line and good quality, made by richly carved and lacquered wood with floral decorations in relief.
    Dresser with urn pleasantly decorated with gilding. Furniture rounded and curved of special construction, ideal to be placed into a living room or a bedroom, of great decor.
    Chest of drawers complete of three drawers, of large capacity and service, handles made by chiseled and gilded brass with top made by wood in character.
    Dresser supported by four feet curly carved . Furniture without keys that presents few signs and color drops, on the whole in good state of conservation.

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  • ฿0.43407

    Great Spanish painting of the twentieth century.
    Oil on canvas depicting pleasant landscape of eighteenth century taste of great quality.
    Carved and golden wooden frame in good conditions.
    Painting of good hand painting, for amateurs, antique dealers and collectors.
    In excellent conditions, with some small signs of the time.

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