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  • ฿0.19425

    Lovely Renaissance style necklace in silver, email and stones.
    This necklace, made in the 19th century, in silver, is a faithful copy of a necklace of the Renaissance period, whose jewels were very fashionable at that time.
    Embellished with pearls and email, it is both chic and easy to wear.

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  • ฿0.19226

    Yellow gold dangle earrings and micro-mosaics figuring flowers.
    Napoleon III period, very rare today.
    15.9 Grams

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  • ฿0.18848

    Scuba forms to body.

    Slim long sleeve plunging neck, made to embrace and show cleavage.

    Attached pleated circle bottom above the knee length.

    Same dress has been worn by famous singer Carrie Underwood at the 51st annual CMA Awards at the Bridgestone Arena on November 8, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee, as shown in miniature picture.

  • ฿0.18848

    Elegant evening gown

    Lycra Jersey.

    Silhouette that follows the body’s natural curves for timeless glamour.

  • ฿0.18312

    Astonishing pair of 750/000 gold, turquoise and cloisonné earrings.
    We bought this pair of dangle earrings from a former opera singer who had them made for her.
    They consist of two balls of turquoise diameter 20mm carved with a pattern of ropes.
    These balls are suspended by gold chains to balls covered with cloisonné email patterns, and they are in turn suspended from carved turquoises. The total length is 62mm. The effect is striking.
    29.1 Grams

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  • ฿0.16118

    Four tits on a branch, under which is suspended a necklace of diamonds and fine pearls.
    Lovely! Too bad to leave it in your collection of animal brooches, it must be worn because these birds need to be admired!
    750/000 yellow gold, pearls and diamonds, perfect condition.
    40 x 20mm
    7.4 Grams

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  • ฿0.15698

    Cute Duck brooch in 750/000 gold, email and rubies.
    49 x 45mm
    13.1 Grams

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  • ฿0.15078

    Lovely animal brooch adorned with a fine pearl bee, ruby and pink diamonds.
    On the branch is a flower also set with diamonds.
    The bee and the flower are mounted on springs to shake with the slightest vibration – the effect is striking!
    750/000 yellow gold, 48 x 28mm.
    7.3 Grams

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  • ฿0.15057

    The eagle of our brooch proud with its fine pearl body, ruby eyes and wings set with pink diamonds.
    750/000 gold it measures 28mm in diameter and has a safety clasp on the pin.
    12.0 Grams

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