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  • ฿0.29463

    Fascinating 750/000 yellow gold Art Deco brooch with pink diamonds set in white gold.
    The insect body is made with three amethysts, two cabochon cut and one shiny oval.
    35 x 40mm.
    15.4 Grams

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  • ฿0.27909

    Earrings old earrings each set with a diamond of old size of 0.55 carat. 15 x 12mm.
    750/000 yellow gold (18 carat).
    7.1 Grams

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  • ฿0.25295

    Elégant paire de pendants d’oreilles en or blanc 750/000, topaze bleu et diamants.
    Deux topaze bleu de 10 x 14mm (6 carats chacun) sont suspendus à des barrettes garnies chacun de trois diamants rond brillant de 0.03 carat chacun.
    Distingués et scintillant à la fois, ces pendants d’oreilles sont certains de plaire.
    4.6 Grams

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  • ฿0.24675

    Splendid necklace called “draperie” old yellow gold 750/000 (18 carats) and sapphires. Easy to wear, day and evening.

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  • ฿0.23499

    Beautiful pair of Art Deco earrings made of onyx, coral, diamonds, garnet and jade.
    In white gold 750/000, these pendants are really original and guaranteed to get the admiration of your entourage.
    Length 87mm.
    11.2 Grams.

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  • ฿0.22754

    Love earrings by Cartier in yellow gold in its case.
    10.0 Grams

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  • ฿0.21840

    Very rare drapery necklace from the Art Nouveau period with a 750/000 gold leaf and chestnut tree motif.
    Art Nouveau jewelry is in great demand by collectors.

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  • ฿0.21116

    High relief hardstone cameo pendant of a woman in profile to the left, white on grey background.
    The pendant can also be worn as a brooch by attaching the removable loop.
    30 x 49mm
    16.5 Grams

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  • ฿0.20979

    Exoticism is at the rendezvous with this Toucan pin 750/000 solid gold.
    Beautifully enamelled with shimmering colors, it is made to give life to your bodice.
    Some miss the email.
    41 x 35mm
    17.4 Grams

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