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  • ฿12.10188

    High jewelry earrings set with two sapphires totaling 27.78 carats, two diamonds totaling 4.65 carats and entourage diamonds of 0.90 carats in total.
    The sapphires are of Ceylon origin and are certified unheated.
    750/000 white gold and dream stones.
    Weight: 6.4 grams

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  • ฿7.13496

    Sparkling diamond necklace set with 427 diamonds totaling 18.57 carats.
    In 750/000 white gold.
    35.9 Grams

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  • ฿5.37548

    Fascinating necklace made of white gold and 76 pierced diamonds.
    Instead of being set with snares or claws, the diamonds were pierced and connected to each other by simple gold rings.

    This process is much more complex; the drilling of each diamond by a laser takes several hours, but the result is an astonishing lightness and the fire of diamonds is not diminished by an excess of metal.

    Length 56cm, weight of very high quality 14.57carats diamonds.

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  • ฿3.69107

    Emerald and diamond dangle earrings, 750/000 white gold.
    The two emeralds weigh a total of 3.75 carats while the surrounding diamonds weigh 0.87 carats.
    Weight : 7.6 Grams

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  • ฿3.62544

    Splendid pair of articulated pins in the shape of dragonflies, 750/000 white gold and diamonds.
    These dragonflies can be worn in pins or earrings, thanks to their easily detachable fasteners.
    1900, very rare and spectacular.
    25.6 Grams

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  • ฿3.04038

    Beautiful diamond ring set with a cultured pearl in natural Burmese gold color.
    A unique piece from the Osprey Paris Free Quarter collection, the Birman pearl, of superior quality, is surrounded by 8.55 carats of diamonds, all mounted in 750/000 (18 carats) white gold.
    21.1 Grams

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  • ฿1.67885

    Very original pair of diamond earrings “Slice”.
    They are made with thin slices of diamonds set on a white sapphire leaf carved and surrounded by a diamond border. The effect is delightful, diamonds shine brightly at the slightest movement.
    750/000 gold, there are 10.87 carats of diamonds.
    14.6 Grams

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  • ฿1.49100

    Attractive Haute Joaillerie necklace by the house Buccellati gold bi-color and citrine cabochon. Choker necklace and two matching ear clips.
    82.02 Grams

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  • ฿1.04979

    Splendid new ring in sapphire and diamond, the center sapphire of a deep blue weighs 2.76 carats and is highlighted by 48 brilliant diamonds with a total weight of 0.62 carats.
    750/000 (18-carat) white gold this new ring from the Osprey
    Paris collection weighs
    5.7 grams.

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