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    Fountain built in 3 blocks separable for easy transport and positioning in the garden or even within the house.
    Composed of a base tub and ornament with decorations of fish with holes for water exit.
    Sculpture of excellent quality with floral decorations on the base and sides of the tank. Object of amazing decoration, for amateurs and antique dealers. It presents a broken side decorum to be restored. In fair condition and beautiful patina, it brings different signs and chipping.

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  • ฿0.68250

    Large French wooden sculpture of the seventeenth century.
    Oversize and pleasantness work depicting “Good Shepherd”, carved from a single block! Sculpture of exceptional measures, for amateurs and collectors.
    French work repainted during the twentieth century, to clean.
    In good order, without breakages or missing, with some signs of the time.
    Will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and warranty with photographic documentation.

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  • ฿0.68250

    Ivory Sculpture of Saint Nicholas holding two children.

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  • ฿0.28350

    Great Neapolitan sculpture of the 20th century.
    Bronze artwork depicting “Seller of fish” of great quality.
    Subject for antiques dealers and collectors signed on the base “V. Cinque” (see photo).
    The sculpture consists of three elements: basement, streetwise child and basket with fish.

    Bronze of excellent quality in good conservative state and in beautiful patina.

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  • ฿0.26250
    Putto in massive bronze. Each part has an excellent definition

    French or Italian origin

    Putti, cupids, and angels can be found in both religious and secular art from the 1420s in Italy, the turn of the 16th century in the Netherlands and Germany, the Mannerist period and late Renaissance in France, and throughout Baroque ceiling frescoes.

    So many artists have depicted them that a list would be pointless, but among the best-known are the sculptor Donatello and the painter Raphael.

    They also experienced a major revival in the 19th century, where they gamboled through paintings by French academic painters, from Gustave Doré’s illustrations for Orlando Furioso to advertisements.

    Dimensions : ca. 39 x 34 cm
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  • ฿0.23100

    Statue in carved wood depicting the subject of sacred art “Saint Francis”.
    Work in beautiful patina with some signs of antique lacquer on the face and on the tunic (see photo).
    Sculpture missing hands showing different signs of time on the base. There are on the right arm antique nails used as reinforcement (see photo).
    For antique dealers and collectors of sacred art, sculpture in a fair conservative state.

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  • ฿0.18900

    Subject of beautiful decoration and good taste, from inside or outside, carved in white marble.
    Vase oversize and impact, in beautiful patina. Presents based on an old restoration. For the rest in good condition, with some signs of time.
    Will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and warranty with photographic documentation.

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  • ฿0.15750

    Italian high-relief of the early 20th century.
    Work in chiseled bronze of high quality depicting religious subjects “Holy Family with St. John”.
    High relief rich in details, of great size and decor. Work fixed on a panel in fabric with some wear.
    Bronze in excellent condition.
    Bronze Measurements: H 36 x W 63 cm.

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  • ฿0.14700

    French sculpture of the early 20th century.
    Work finely chiseled in alabaster depicting autumn representation.
    Sculpture of great proportions and pleasant furnishings, for antiques dealers and collectors.
    It has some small signs of wear, overall in good conservative state.

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