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  • ฿1.53780

    Chinese Turquoise statue representing two Go players.

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  • ฿1.39800

    Full suit of armor, composit.
    Circa: Late 1600s to Early 1700s
    Iron, black lacquered Go Mai Doh.


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  • ฿1.07646

    Signature: Hitachi Kami MuneShig
    Year Made: 1600s

    Forging Pattern: Mokeume with Itame
    Tempering Pattern:   Midare in nioi guchi with ko nie. Vibrant and active hamon with abundant muneyaki.
    Dimensions:   Blade length:  55cm, Nakago length:  15.4cm, Thickness at munemachi: 8mm , Width at munemachi: 34mm, Thickness at yokote: 5.5mm , Width at yokote: 23mm
    Mountings:  In top quality shirasaya and solid silver habaki.
    Overall Condition:  Excellent.  This is a sword of massive proportions, it is thick, wide and healthy.  There is a kizu on near the boshi and priced to reflect that.

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  • ฿1.00656

    Okimono of the school of Tokyo representing a peasant catching a grasshopper.

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  • ฿0.97860

    Okimono of School of Tokyo representing a peasant with a basket of vegetables.

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  • ฿0.92268

    Circa: Mid to late1700s

    This is a small iron black lacquered Hineno Zunari style Kabuto.

    It has a 5 section iron SHIKORO that is original to this helmet and is cut into an interesting scallop shape.

    There is a “boar’s eye” shaped piercing in the top of the Hachi making this an unusual if not unique helmet.

    The lacing is a dark blue with a white and dark purple trim. The lacing is original and is in very good condition.

    The liner is intact and appears to be original.

    The cords that attach the chinstrap to the Hachi, are a modern restoration. The chinstrap itself is antique.

    The over all condition is very good with only a few scratches and chips to the lacquer, with minor damage to the right Fukigaeshi.
    The Fukigaeshi are covered in printed leather.

    This helmet is unsigned.

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  • ฿0.83880

    Okimono of the school of Tokyo, representing a Samurai with vegetables and a gourd.

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  • ฿0.81084

    Signature:  Mumei
    Year Made:  Shinto

    Forging Pattern:  Itame
    Tempering Pattern:  Gonome Midare
    Dimensions:   Nagasa:   27 1/2″, Nakago:  7 1/16″, Mihaba:  1 1/8″, Sakihaba:  3/4″, Kasane:  1/4″, Sori:  3/8″ 
    Mountings:  Leather wraped saya is in nice condition except the stitching at between the koi guchi and hanger are ripped out but this can be repaired.  The leather at the kogiri is worn through and this is probably not repairable because the leather has shrunk with age.  The D-handle is in fine condition.  The habaki is one piece copper with a silver wash the is mostly gone.  It is starting to split at the front of the habaki but it is still storng and holds the koshirae together tight.
    Overall Condition:  The blade is very good and does not need to be polished.
    The gonome midare hamon can be seen clearly and is very attractive.
    The is one minor forging opening in the shinogi ji and another along the shinogi which do not detract from the sword.

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  • ฿0.78288

    Rare Tanetsugu Gendai period Tanto

    Signature:  Tanetsugu Horii  Made one Lucky Spring Day 1980 
    Year Made: 1980

    Forging Pattern:  Ko-Itame
    Tempering Pattern:  Gonome
    Dimensions:   Nagasa:   9 7/16″,  Nakago: 3 3/4″,  Mihaba:  7/8″,  Kasane:  7/32″,  Sori:  Negative” 
    Mountings:  There is a very good shirasaya in and high quality silk bag stored in a custom box.
    Overall Condition:  The blade is in excellent condition and includes a high quality two piece gold foiled habaki. This smith had an interesting history, he made very few swords, as he was in a Russian prison till 1948. He worked at the Japan Steel Works until 1980.

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