Founder's message

January 2020

Our digital currency, fashion on De Louvois and recruitment


Alright then, 2020 is here

John McAfee started its year backed out of his famous million dollar prediction, not that we should care (...)

November 2019

Members-only and further developments


Alright then, 2020 is coming.

We got out the big guns out with a fully revamped product we're pretty proud of.
Saying that 2018 was a bad year for the digital-currency industry would be quite an euphemism (...)

March 2019

Indefinite postponement of DLVEX & LVF


De Louvois Exchange or DLVEX is a project initiated in the midst of the summer 2017 Initial Coin Offering or ICO frenzy.

Our main idea is to create a mainstream global trading & investment platform for digitalized prestigious assets such as fine wine, art and real estate with virtually no financial barrier to entry (...)

April 2018

Tackling the recent fake news headlines


In April 2918, De Louvois alongside two competitors have been unfairly portrayed as "online shops catering to cyber-delinquents" through a targeted campaign of fake news that gained worldwide exposure in mainstream news outlets such as ComputerWeekly or the Nasdaq Newswire (...)

October 2017

Introduction message


Greeting fellow Bitcoin entheusiasts,

My name is Matt, founder of De Louvois.
When I published the first version of my website during winter 2016, my only ambition was to help out a friend broaden his collectible coins business client-base by leveraging my knowledge of Bitcoin (...)