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-What is De Louvois ? Who am i buying from ?
-Are all items displayed on your platform available ?
-How are items shipped and delivered ?
-How much are shipping costs ?
-Can i return an item if i am not satisfied ?
-Will i pay import taxes when ordering an item ?
-Can i pay with Bitcoin ? How are prices calculated ?
-Am I protected in case of a problem related to shipping?
-What does “Price Upon Request” means ?
-Why can’t I purchase items directly ? 


What is De Louvois ? Who am i buying from ?

  • De Louvois is a virtual marketplace for Art and Collectibles, we are registered with the Registry of Commerce and Companies of Versailles (France) under the number 824-939-490.
  • We act as an intermediary between our partners and potential buyers to ensure a smooth and pleasant transaction from the first contact between both parties until the successful delivery or pickup of the newly acquired item.
  • Most items listed on our platform comes from professionals vendors listed under their own business name : we take pride in gathering few of the world’s most respected and experienced merchants with years of expertise in their domains, as well as renowned artists from all around the world so you will never have to worry about quality and authenticity while transacting on our platform.
  • We recently allowed a few number of invidual vendors to list their own items in a dedicated section of our site, listed anonymously under “DeLouvois marketplace”  click here to learn more about this.

Are all items displayed on your platform available ?


  • Most items displayed on De Louvois are unique and highly demanded, especially original artworks, thus it is possible that an item may have already been sold and has not yet been taken down from our site.
  • This is why we ask potentail buyers to always “Ask for Availability”  on the item’s page before placing a final order, especially when planning to pay with digital-currencies(*).
  • If you forgot to “Ask for Availability” and already paid for an item that happens to be unavailable,  we will immediately reimburse any payments you may already have made.

    (*)  Note to digital-currencies users  ; please understand that we will not take any reponsability for eventual price volatily that might happen during the refund process, please always ask for availability before completing a purchase with digital-currencies in order to avoid any loss due to volatility.

How are items shipped and delivered ? 

  • Once the partner has validated the availability of your item and received its payment, you will recieve an email containing a detailed statement confirming your purchase.
    As soon as your order has been shipped ( please allow 24 to 48 hours maximum ) you should recieve an email providing all details concerning your order : name of the transporter, tracking number and approximative date of delivery ( don’t forget to check your Spam folder and add us to your safe-sender list if necessary) .
  • If more convenient, you may choose to pick up your purchase directly at the partner’s store.
  • Either way, please Contact Us if you have further questions or concerns regarding Shipping & In-Person Pickup.

How much are shipping costs ? 

  • Delivery costs are calculated by our partners based on the size of the item, its weight and country of delivery : you can see an estimation of the shipping costs for various regions of the world alongside most items descriptions.
  • However,  certain items might require a customized shipping quote :  this includes furnitures, very large bottles, oversized work of arts or any unusual items that are larger than standard carrier limits and often considered freight shipments.
  • Either way, final buyers are responsible for all shipping charges, thus it is generally a good idea to also ask the seller for a shipping quote while asking if an item is available.

Can i return an item if  i am not satisfied ?

  • For any purchase from one of our patners located within the European Economic Area ( Including EU countries along with Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland ) and if the buyer also lives there, a 14 days return policy is applicable at no additional cost, except the price of returning the item which will be at the buyer’s expense.
  • For any purchases from a partner located outside of the European Economic Area or for non-residents of this area, different return policies shall apply, which may vary depending on our partners own return policies which are usually mentionned on the item’s page or the seller’s page, either way feel free to Contact Us if you have any additional questions regarding return policies on our marketplace, we will be glad to help.


Will i pay import taxes when ordering an item ?

  •  You will not have to pay international taxes and duties if your order is shipped inside the European Union ( or within your own country, obviously ) however you might be subject to import duties and taxes once they arrive in a Non-European country.
  • If a buyer is purchasing an item from a foreign partner, he may need to pay import taxes upon receipt of the item, information about item’s countries of origin are mentionned on the seller’s page and the item’s page.  Import duties and taxes really depends on the country to which the order was shipped, thus it is the buyer’s own responsability to check with its local custom office for specific amounts and percentages.
  • Please understand that neither DeLouvois or its partners  have control over thee charges and we are unable to predict the amount of duties and taxes applied to your package.
    The final buyer is responsible for paying additional taxes & duties, as well as additional charges for custom clearance.
  • If you refuse a shipment from DeLouvois or one of its sellers, you will be responsible for the original import fees, shipping charges, and taxes/duties induced on the parcel, and the cost of returning the parcel to DeLouvois or its seller, thus please always contact your local custom office for further information before placing an order

Can i pay with Bitcoin ? How are prices calculated ?

  • Yes, however please note that Bitcoin (BTC) prices as displayed on our site are updated hourly from Google Finance for indicative purposes only.
  • When placing a final order, the most accurate Bitcoin rate will be calculated once you receive the Bitpay Invoice, you can find more information on how those are calculated here.

Am I protected in case of a problem related to shipping?

  • Buyers can make claims regarding an item they ordered by contacting us at support@delouvois.com within 21 days after receipt of order, and under the following conditions :

    – Damaged item : the item recieved is damaged, or broken.
    – Item not delivered : the buyer has not recieved the item.
    – Item not compliant : the item does not comply with the item ordered.
  • When a claim is made regarding an item, DeLouvois immediately inform the partner who then follows to resolve the issue, disputes will be resolved between partners and buyers.
    Be assured that our partners are dedicated to doing their best in order to find amicable solution to potential disputes. – 

    What does “Price Upon Request” means ?

    • It means you should not be afraid to ask !
      Seriously though, we understand this practice might come accross as disconcerting.
      However we do partner with real world physical galeries and stores that happens to deal with very expensive items, thus you have to understand that some of them are just not comfortable publishing their prices on the internet for obvious security and privacy concerns.
      Once again don’t be afraid to request a price quote, you will always get the same number and won’t be judged on your looks, obviously.

      Why can’t I purchase items directly ?

      • Here is the deal :
        We gathered a large number of Art and Luxury items from renowned professional merchants with years of experience that have been kind enough to give us a shot and let us list some of their inventory.
        However as you can imagine they already have their own client base meaning their stocks come and go and since they need to be paid in their local currencies, we need to instantly convert the ammount of Bitcoin recieved into such currencies.
        In the event where an item happens to be unavailable, we would have to convert that ammount back to Bitcoin in order to refund you.
        Again, due to Bitcoin’s volatility that ammount might be higher as it can be lower, either way we do not want to take such responsability.
        Understand that we are a rather new company, we can’t ask our partners to “HODL” their whole inventory for us Bitcoiners.
        As our business evolves, we will be able to put some items on hold, hence more and more items will be available for direct purchase, hopefully a few months from now, every item on our marketplace will be available for direct purchase.

    For any legal concerns or other questions you might have regarding our service, please read both our Terms of Use and Sell and Privacy Policy.

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