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Matthieu Mi
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August 7, 2017 12:13  

Welcome to our new members ! 

I have had quite a lot of people asking me the same questions over and over again by mail or private messaging, so I thought the marketplace would be better off with its own forum.

You can use it to talk about the marketplace, how to use it, how to buy, sell art, real estate, & luxury goods with cryptocurrencies, 
It's also a good place to discuss about the legality and how-to of selling certain things in Bitcoin in different part of the world ( real estate laws, taxes etc. ) as well as shipping, customs and tax practices.

But we'd like it to be more, so feel free to start discussion topics about bitcoin, politics, art, economics, and whatever comes through your mind.

Buying and selling valuable stuff such as Art, wine, gems, real estate and luxury goods with Bitcoin and P2P currencies is still a niche thing, but the comunity is growing day by day as there are more interest, curiosity and excitement for what we are doing, even if it still seems far fetched to normies.

Few years from now, when Bitcoin price will stabilize, probably around $100,000 according to some analysts, then holders will become spenders, and a new curreny will be born. We will be there.

People have a wish of emancipation from the central bank ruled currencies, there are willing to break free of the current system debt slavery and Bitcoin represents a hope to many.

This is not just about selling handbags and jewelry, consider this project as an experiment and a bet on the future, we'd like you to be a part of it. 

Let's see how far we can take our Bitcoin-Only marketplace : who knows where this will lead us few year from now.

Some guidelines:

1. Free speech zone, whatever however no insults and no YELLING.

2. Of course, no ads/spam/referrals/mlm/hyip/nsfw.

. If you want to ask a question about a specific item, use the appropriate enquiry form on the item's page.

. This is not customer service, please refrain from asking questions about specific orders unless you deem to be of general interest.   Otherwise please use

For now there are only 2 forums : [Community] and [Staff] we will add more when necessary. 



Matt @DeLouvois

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