Louis XIV Mazarin Desk With Boulle Marquetry, Circa 1700 ( France )

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Late 1700’s Mazarin desk with famous Charles André Boulle marquetry.

Louis XIV period, late 17th, early 18th century, France.
Width : 109 cm Height : 82 cm Depth : 62,5 cm Perfect condition
Wood, brass and shell.

Paris 1700 entirely decorated with a lush Boulle marquetry first type based on brass part and dyed red shell in blackened pear frame.

The rich floral motif dotted with butterflies, squirrels and birds in this scenery draws its sources in particular the work of Jean Berain.

The tray inlay the center a couple receives a gift basket filled with fruits; each side of the woman draped made shell engraved on brass base, arms laden with gifts head to the central stage.

The sides are decorated in the center of a large bouquet of flowers and acanthus framed by young cubs chancun holding two butterflies on a leash.

This furniture has a front center drawer slightly concave shape, flanked by triglyphs adorned with brass, a door and two side box, the internal convex side, each containing three drawers lockable.
Surround molding tray and capitals of gilt bronze base.

It rests on eight legs sheath, together qutre four by two spacer X eventful.

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