Krypto: Hauptbuch/->12 (limited edition download)


The Datagrafy “krypto: Hauptbuch/->12” (roughly: crypto: Ledger/->12) is based on all blocks of the bitcoin blockchain up to the end of 2012.

So this is an artistic treatment of one of the currently most relevant “forms” of data.

The treatment is structurally similar to “datagrafy: biblioism” (cf.: and gets its colors from the cumulated transaction values of the corresponding blocks.

Please read description for more information about this piece of data art.

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Product Description

Limited edition: 50 exemplars

File format: PNG, lossless, open, no DRM

Size of Original: 55944px * 55790px, translating to 4.74m * 4.72m at 300dpi * 300dpi

Size: 13986px * 13947px, translating to 1.18m * 1.18m at 300dpi * 300dpi

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Jörg Jung is a Cryptocurrency-Friendly german computer-scientist -erred-artist inventor of Datengraphie ( Datagrafy ) a new form of data art.

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