Diffus : graphlaut ( Diffus ) : Diffus (limited edition download)


The Datagrafy “diffus: graphlaut(Diffus): Diffus” is part of the series “datagrafy: diffus” (cf.: ), which is all about Franz Kafka – one of the most relevant authors in general (imho).

This work is a twofold deduction of a stylized portrait of Kafka.

Please read description for more information about this exceptional piece of data art.

Product Description

This artwork has been resized, to view the full scale picture Click Here ( large file ) .

In the first step an audio was created, which is part of the series “datagrafy: graphlaut” (cf.:

This audio was input to the creation process of a graphic Datagrafy, which is this one, because of this fact this work could technically also be part of “datagrafy: lautgraph” (cf.:

You can hear the underlying audio datagrafy here:*diffus .
Limited edition: 50 exemplars

File format: PNG, lossless, open, no DRM

Size of Original: 20984px * 20984px, translating to 1.78m * 1.78m at 300dpi * 300dpi

Size: 10492px * 10492px, translating to 0.89m * 0.89m at 300dpi * 300dpi.

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Jörg Jung is a Cryptocurrency-Friendly german computer-scientist -erred-artist inventor of Datengraphie ( Datagrafy ) a new form of data art.

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